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Roofers Local #149
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Roofers Local #149
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Roofers Local #149
Apprentice School
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1640 Porter Street
  Detroit MI 48216
   This site is dedicated to the men, who in 1937, stood together to start this Union in the
hopes of making a better life for themselves and their families. These men, with their
numbers growing, in 1951 established a Health and Welfare Fund to provide health
insurance for themselves and their families. In 1957 they started an Apprenticeship Training
program, to teach future apprentices not only on the roof but in the classroom as well. In
1962, the Union in partnership with our Contractors established a Pension Fund so the men
and women, after 35+ years of hard work could retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
   In 1991 Roofers Union Local #149 Detroit merged with Roofers Union Local #192
Flint, then in 1997 Roofers Local #149 merged with Roofers Local #247 Marquette, we
now encompass 3/4 of the Great State of Michigan.
   Now in the 21st Century we strive to continue on in the tradition of our founding fathers to
provide Michigan and the Nation the highly trained men and women needed to install any
and all types of roof systems. Our Contractors, and our, bodies of work speaks for itself, we
are in demand across the country, receiving requests to perform work for customers in
virtually every State. It was the principals set forth back in 1937 and carried on to this day
that has set us apart from our competition.

    So please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us or our Contractors to meet your
roofing needs, you will not be disappointed.

                                                                                 Thank You,

                                                           Roofers and Waterproofers Union Local #149